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Neste espaço você encontrará boletins, ebooks, artigos e muitos materiais informativos para dowload, auxiliando você no entendimento e gerenciamento da osteoartrose.



Bulas e Boletins técnicos

Bulas e Boletins

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Trabalho condroítin

Estudo da eficácia clínica do uso de precursores osteoarticulares em cães com displasia coxo-femural

Boletim Informativo Avert - Dor crônica em cães e gatos

Boletim Informativo Avert por Dr. Rodrigo Luis

Bula Mellis Vet

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Artigos científicos

Artigos cientificos

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Evaluation of tramadol for treatment of osteoarthritis in geriatric cats

Radiographic evidence of degenerative joint disease in geriatric cats: 100 cases (1994–1997)

Use of nutraceuticals and chondroprotectants in osteoarthritic dogs and cats

Effects of route of administration and feeding schedule on pharmacokinetics of robenacoxib in cats

Animal models of osteoarthritis:
classification, update, and measurementof outcomes

Comparison of meloxicam and a glucosamine-chondroitin supplement in management of feline osteoarthritis

Comparison of pharmacokinetics of glucosamine and synovial fluid levels following administration of glucosamine sulphate or glucosamine hydrochloride

Improvement of Arthritic Signs in Dogs Fed Green-Lipped Mussel

Oral Administration of Gelatin Hydrolysate Reduces Clinical Signs of Canine  osteoarthritis in a Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial

The Fate of Oral Glucosamine Traced
by 13C Labeling in the Dog

The Effectiveness of Specific Collagen Peptides on Osteoarthritis in Dogs-Impact on Metabolic Processes in Canine Chondrocytes

Relationship of orthopedic examination, goniometric measurements, and radiographic signs of degenerative joint disease in cats

Use of nutraceuticals and
chondroprotectants in osteoarthritic
dogs and cats

Feline pantarsal arthrodesis using
pre-contoured dorsal plates applied
according to the principles of
percutaneous plate arthrodesis

Randomised double-blind, positive-controlled trial to assess the efficacy of glucosamine/chondroitin sulfate for the treatment of dogs with osteoarthritis

The Use of Functional Data Analysis to Evaluate Activity in a Spontaneous Model of Degenerative Joint Disease Associated Pain in Cats

Clinical safety of robenacoxib in feline osteoarthritis results of a randomized, blinded, placebocontrolled clinical trial

Novel dietary strategies can improve the outcome of weight loss programmes in obese client-owned cats

The effect of dietary long-chain omega-3 fatty acid supplementation on owner’s perception of behaviour and locomotion in cats with naturally occurring osteoarthritis

A comparison of thermographic imaging, physical examination and modified questionnaire as an instrument to assess painful conditions in cats

Precursores de glicosaminoglicanos na recepção articular após trauma iatrogenico no joelho de cães raiser

Glucosamine and chondroitin use in canines for osteoarthritis: A review

Investigation and management
of canine osteoarthritis

An update on the pathophysiology of osteoarthritis

Joint Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathobiology

Arthrocentesis in Dogs

An update on the pathophysiology of osteoarthritis

Biopharmaceutics & Drug Disposition

Canine Osteoarthritis

Feline weight loss programs
that work

Eficacia de un producto antioxidante y condroprotector de uso oral en caninos y felinos

Feline DJD – Gordian knot or rewarding challenge?

Face validity of a proposed tool for staging canine osteoarthritis: Canine OsteoArthritis Staging Tool

Functional foods in pet nutrition: Focus on dogs and cats

Investigation and management
of canine osteoarthritis

Computed tomography of canine elbow joints affected


Prostaglandins,Leukotrienesand Essential Fatty Acids

Treatment and management of osteoarthritis in dogs and

The role of aggrecan in normal and osteoarthritic

Efficacy of an oral nutraceutical for the treatment of canine
osteo arthritis

Medial Humeral Epicondylitis in Clinically Affected Cats

Nonsurgical Management of
Osteoar thritis in Dogs

Nutrition and Osteoarthritis in Dogs: Does It Help?

Radial shock wave therapy in dogs
with hip osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis in Cats

Total hip replacement in three cats surgical technique, short-term outcome and comparison to
femoral head ostectomy

Diagnosis and Treatment of Osteoarthritis

Assessment of the effects of gabapentin on activity levels
and owner-perceived mobility impairment and quality of life in osteoarthritic geriatric cats

Evaluation of a Therapeutic Diet for Feline Degenerative
Joint Disease

The Coxib NSAIDs Potential Clinical and Pharmacologic
Importance in Veterinary Medicine

Recent advances
in clinical assessment

How common is it and how easy to recognise?

Long Term use of NSAIDs in cats

Feline osteoarthritis:
a prospective study of 28 cases

Long-term use of  gabapentin for musculos keletal disease and trauma
in three cats

Long-term use of non-steroidal
anti- inflammatory drugs in cats
with chronic kidney disease: from
controversy to optimism

Safety of oral robenacoxib in the cat

Osteoarthritis year in

review 2016: biology

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